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Christina "Tinx" Najjar

Christina Najjar, popularly known as Tinx, is a digital creator, and relationship and advice expert. Described as “TikTok’s Big Sister,” Tinx has a devoted fanbase that comes to her for expert advice and to have a great laugh at the same time.

TINX talking at a microphone in studio
It's Me, Tinx

It's Me, Tinx

It's Me, Tinx, an extension of what fans already have come to know and love about Tinx, will feature the popular advice expert, host and digital creator discussing her own life, offering her take on pop culture and relationships, and giving recommendations and advice to listeners. Tinx’s followers who love to ask for advice during her weekly “Ask Me Anything” will now be able to call in to her live weekly show and talk to Tinx in real time.
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